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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


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*ps: this site will be removed.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

hi all ...

seriously, this will be my last time posting here.
till the end of my N's. left with 1 week. Nervous much.
more or less done with my weakest subject already - maths.
i'm done with it :), just alil more brush up.

chemistry and physics i believe i can finish it on time :).
F&N , memorise memorise and more memorise.

geog, memorise too. but must apply correctly and mention keywords like : increase in income > increase in QOL and SOL > More developed the country is.

other than that, i dont think i got anything else thats really bothering me....
hope papers will be really easy loh!!!

- please bring me thru again lord, thank you for bringing me through from sec 3 to sec 4!!!! please help me again, thnkyou! -

working tmrw for the last time. As my boss is really lack of pple to work tmrw. MUG HARD RINKO!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

didnt went to school today. went to see the doc. got 2 day mc!!! but im' heading back to school tmrw.
cause i missed today poa class!!! but frm sharmaine blog, i suspect that mdm zaibon wasn't in school for lessons today. went to see the docter tgt with sister. dragged her along with me as she's also sick mah. but she didn't want to visit the docter as she feels that she can recover herself + she no school -.- , can slowly recover. however guessed what ? she received an email stating that she'd got work enterview tmrw. jitao volunteer want to go with me liao lor. hahahaha.

went to see the docter and i swore the docter is supa funny can. was like : " wah, both sisters sick at the same time ah? " us : " uh huh... " lol .

sister should be becos she went to KTV and sang for whole 5 hours whereas me is becus my mummy say i work too much and i ate 2 pieces of hot from the oven pizza w/o drinking water after that. haha, people should know > i always fall sick! hehe, mummy nagged at me but not at sister! why? becus she longlong then sick 1 time, i always fall sick. wth right. ok nevermind cus mummy is the pity one ! got to pay for both of us de medical fees. hahahahahaha (big laughs) alright me so evil. been really sleepy after medication. but still managed to studied my chemistry test tmrw. PERIODIC TABLE! continue after dinner + shower ^^V .

end of year exams coming for the s1-s3? good luck to those who're taking their end of year! and goodluck to me and classmates for our N's!

nowadays really sibei no mood to study. sibei no mood.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

watch those, they're really heart grabbers.

-both same song-

watched quite alot just now, both these 2 are the one that really made my heart shiver and hurt alil ...

cherish the one you love, and he/she loves you too. Perfect the ones, that are supposed to be perfected.

fun joy laughters. time to settle down and tackle those shitty papers ): .

school was major tiring today, major major major! so so so reluctant to attend school cause my legs sour like i dont know what. my shoulder like got sombodee seating on it like that ==''. and my tongue like got cut by some glass or smth and it hurts BIG TIME. alright, stop nagging.

i still went to school anyway. cause there was chemistry. guess what? chemistry teacher was absent today. goood game! did maths paper 2 for awhile but it was a torture!!!!! eyes wanted to close. wanna sleep, but i scared later teacher come in or what then i the only one who never stand up and greet. paiseh mah. so don't want. LOl~~~~.

played around with weiling (seben and lifebuoy.) super funny!!! weiling herself can make me awake! haha. oh and she drew a crib for me . super chio! scan into comppy next time and show you all kay!!!

alright gotta go for dinner already. my sister is sick , so yeah. byebye!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

paiseh, no picture cause im using my brother's computer.
i dont know why i go on my brother's computer when i should on mine -.- .
so since its on, i shall use it. hahaha.

btw hi peoples :) .

working was great ytd, but i made a mistake! i went to open a bottle of red wine when all red wine were supposed to stop alr.... yah lohs ): , i didnt know it was suppose to stop already so i went to open 1 bottle. think i got homing into a deep shxt ): , sorry homing !!! i'd the chance to be the 'director' ytd who directs people to the wedding they're suppose to attend. cus there was 2 wedding ytd, cool much!!! i'd lots of fun ytd ;) cus i got the chance to OBLONG (carry the very big tray)!!! i mean cus they' were afraid i might dropped it so they most of the time dont let me take oblong one ): , but ytd they give me the chance to do so! just told me to be carefulllll :).

nearly fall once -.- , and i was carrying fish with some watery gravy. -.- and a guest saw! so paiseh!! my shoe spoil liao lahs ): , got 'crocodile' liaos. you guys understand? hahaha. gna get a new shoe later with sissy!

oh btw, mommy went to malaysia with daddy and my 2 aunts!!! cool right! too bad i've work later else i'll be tagging along for sureee! with me around, cfm can buy alot alot of food one lohs): , mummy buy lil tidbits back from there for us one, cause no one psycho her buy lots more!!! too bad, hope daddy will psycho her but its a nono cause daddy disallow us to munch on tidbits too.

sissy will be alone @ home tonight! haha, and she was scared of it. lame right, 23 years old already still scared of being @ home alone. haha, she told me ytd that she was scared already. was laughing my ass off. haha, and then she asked me tmrw is it so late then return home. and she went : " huh * sad face * " hahaha! cute !!!

alright, enough rantings. shall go off =) !! bb!

im glad that im not spending mommy alot of money, trying to pay for the things i want using my own money :) . can you praise me im' independent please? hahaha.

Friday, September 18, 2009

firstly, it's time to wish my beloved laogong, fangyu a HAPPY 16TH BDAY!
can watch NC16 movies openly already wor! and pple always say " sweet 16. "
so i guess it must be one part of life which is kinda memorable :) ! 

hope you like the bday presents we gave you alright! haha, sorrrryyyyy ): , didn't you didn't like pink and i choose like almost all pink for it. for the real present also major sorry ahhh ): , didn't know what to get for you so we got smth we all love for you. haha!

alright, i guess i can say out what we gave fangyu as present already. we gave her personal present + group present. personal present was panties choosen by yours truly (me). haha, all of us gave her panties! hehe! and the group present where we all forked out money to buy is sims2 deluxe package!!!! omg, major love! tiffany , jel and me were fawning over it! jeljel told us that she bought the sims2 original disc for $50 bux!!!! we bought the deluxe package below $50. good thing is, the deluxe package consist of 3 versions of the sims! :D , the original one , Sims 2 night life and another one i can't rmb !!! cool rights!!!! hehe, we were all going " omg, i also want! " hahaha! 

gna get it when i got the money i guess... but i got the sims3 in my brother's computer! hahaha. and major thanks to jelynn for sharing with me the solution of turning off the ageing thingy in the sims ^^V! my brother is playing happily now and he doesn't age. i mean, his sim doesn't aged. 

found out a lil secret, hehes. so cute and funny! may you both last longzxsz! ahhahahahahooo! * blinkblink* been creating memories with weiling and yanting. lol, yanting wrote down all the memories we had, kinda diff to explain so i'll just skip it. haha.

alrights, i found many many instocks to sell you know! teehees~. but i got no money to bring them in, so pls wait alrights! 

okay , shan't crap any longer! tmrw working! fun !!! bye!! gotta go revise ler o!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

hey sweets, how are youuuuu?

please support ribbonon.blogspot.com :), blogshop i've set up just ytd! definetely trustable. bringing in instocks sooooooonn! but do check on the preorder mary janes im' currently holding, it's real sweet and girlyyyyy~. just like lil red riding hood!

school' been great lately, of cus. with those lovelies @ the back, whats not being great? they're real funny and they can make me laugh UPSIDE DOWN.

btw, im' married to fangfang < my most beloved laogong LOL. and im' pregnant for like the 141241 times. alright, to be exact the fourth time.

LAO MO made me miscarriage ): ! haha, now that im' pregnant again with fang's baby. it's a boy. i forgot what name gerry gave him, but it consist both me and fang's surname. let me recall .... eh , liu guo . cause my surname is LIU in chinese and my hub's GUO in chinese. haha. liu guo, name nice eh. sound so heroic! my son's heroic!!!! haha! alright, i know im' lameeee.

tmrw's friday! great greatly greatest < super no link. PE tmrw! but the nicest lao mo asked me not to play as i might miscarriage AGAIN and put the blame on her. HAHAHA, smart her! hehe!!!!

me can't wait for saturday and sunday to arrive!!! hehe, gna work! hoho, money! although it's really not enough ): , but it's better than nothing!!! + $30 for servicing, remaining amt goes to blogshop. INVEST INVEST INVEST! yeah! i must believe i can reap from it. HANG TOUGH, GAMBATEH.

been real busy in and outside school lately with somethings. but it's real fun thou as i get to busy busy along with my funny lovelies. So it doesn't really matters. haha.

finished my maths ten-year series already! great much! but i've some unknowns to ask my sister. time to start on geo and fnn! or perhaps chemistry T_T, i don't seem to understand those kind of equations... They seriously looked funny. or perhaps im' the one who is funny.

anyway , does making notes help? it seems to help me alil when i was in lower sec. but up till now, to me it isn't really helpful already leh. i wonder why. my notes making skill really die off liao loh. my notes are like ... the same from the textbook. not much difference -.- . diaoooo.


it's just 1 week paper, i can do it! gahgahgah!!! after that 1 week, i'll party like crazy!!!!! many activites coming up! class chalet, golden jubilee (smth like prom night), fawkly picnic, lovelies outing to jurong swimming complex! clubbing with ron, red wine deluxe with friends , working! i am so going to jio people out manz! me can't wait!!!! * JUMPS IN DELIGHT *

alright, shall control and off i go now!!!! hehe!

do support my blogshop alright~!! thankyou!

:D, many luvs.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

hi lovelies.

just to inform you, my blogshop open le :) .
but i wont be coming online that frequent, so text me if you're int and wanna get back to me :) !

no. is : 97928849 :) !

btw, my link : http://www.ribbonon.blogspot.com/ ! <>

alright, i need to go slp le. having a blast day tmrw. damn , i got lotsa things undone! grrrr! alright, byebyebyebye!!

me luv sweet.
me luv beh.
me luv nut.
me luv sisters.
me luv lovelies.
me luv # !


Monday, September 14, 2009

no picture again. haha, sorrys.

wanted to go TM tgt with fang and ca, called my sister but no answer from her ): .
was scared to go without her permission, so i went home instead. haha.

my god, how many time in a year must i be like stuck in the middle of nowhere land manzxszxxxzzxzzzx.

went home and saw ferdy tudi on the way, chatted alil.

backed home was fun yo, sissy asked me if i wanted to watch horror films with her.
uper rare for her to let me relax relax lehzzzzzz... hahha, so caught the film w her.
SCARY, its like real ghost storys and real ghost films (not acted by some white like ghost pple or smth)

haha, and nowwwwww imma using my brother's lappy to blog. he offered me to use his lappy one lehs! nicey nicey siblings i have :) !!!

oh yah, tmrw gna have chemistry test peepo! dont forget!! tested base on : acid, base and salt + chemical eqns!!! for im not wrong. cfm got acid base and salt, got eqn. but i forgot is what eqn. heh, must study for it!!!

me gna work during sat and sun :x. i havent told my sister about it. haha, but i rly wanna work lahs! i know its not the approriate timing, but since work starts @ 6pm, and i leave home at 5pm. the time i woke up till i go for work, i can spend it by studying mahhhh. correct? LOL, finding excuses for myself. harhaharhahar. im' more or less done with my maths ten-year series already =). learnt new methods of eqn frm fangyu and lovelies too! hehe :) .

&, i need money for me blogshop !!! mummy has been asking me when i will open my blogshoppieexzzszxszxs. soon soon kay mommy!!!! i wna have fun w the blogshop too! hhaahahas.

alright, i got a big task to accomplish and off i go now!! bye!!!


(i found someone who takes me as the best damn thing that ever happened to him :). vice versa, you're the best damn thing that ever happened to me. love you many!! :) )